The Ultimate Guide To Feng Shui Color


One of the important principles in understanding Feng Shui is color. Feng Shui color is modeled following the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. When bảng màu phong thuỷ comes to Feng Shui and color, the meaning of certain colors reflect on the characteristics of the five elements. Properly understanding the use of these colors and their meanings will provide you with a great start in learning Feng Shui, and is one of many simplest ways of changing the energy in your home and office space.

Utilizing the Ba-Gua or Feng Shui energy eight-directional map, it is possible to identify which areas of your living space correspond with each element. It is also possible for some elements of your home or other spaces to become a combination of elements, according to the direction. However, when contemplating Feng Shui decorating, you have to be fine provided that your current space reflects the colors of each element or some variation of them.

To gain more knowledge on Feng Shui and colors, I encourage you to read on concerning the best colors to utilize in your Feng Shui decorating to make a harmonious flow of positive Chi in your liveable space. Remember, utilizing the Feng Shui color principles is not just about changing the wall color. Also you can employ these colors in your accessories, such as pillows, comforters, drapes, wall art or even bathroom towels. This is actually the Ultimate Feng Shui Color Guide, to obtain started on your way to effective Feng Shui living:

1. The earth element – Typically, the earth element’s characteristics of nourishment and stability are represented in the southwest and northeast areas of your home. Also, the center of your home, or the biggest market of it, will reflect the planet earth element, regardless of what room it is based on. The earth element is comprised of light yellow and light brown or beige.

2. The fire element – The fire element’s characteristics of passion and great energy are usually represented in the southerly direction of your home. Since a fire always has different layers of color, this element includes red, orange, shades of pink and purple and vibrant yellow. The fire element can be used in other areas where you are seeking recognition and balance of hyper energy.

3. The water element – The ancient Chinese traditions associated water with abundance in life and spirit. The water element also provides revitalizing calm and a brand new approach to all things in life. Water is normally found in the northern direction. Also you can make use of the colors black and blue in other areas of the home what your location is seeking purity, simplicity and comfort.

4. The metal element – The metal element represents the characteristic of efficiency, preciseness, and being sharp and focused. Metal may be the part of the northwest and west. The colors that embody the metal aspect in Feng Shui are gray or silver and white.

5. The wood element – Typically, the wood element’s characteristics are strength, health, and vitality, and are represented in the southeast and eastern areas of your home. Obviously, the best colors that represent the wood element are green and brown. These colors encourage healing and also signal abundance making this element ideal for promoting prosperity and wealth.

In Feng Shui, light is the most important resource you should incorporate into your overall Feng Shui design or decorating. You should also consider that colors themselves are types of light and therefore are very important to embodying the essence and characteristics of each of these elements. It is possible to apply these Feng Shui color principles not merely in your d�cor but additionally in life.

Color is incredibly powerful and the simple act of changing the colour of the white walls of your house into something extraordinary predicated on Feng Shui will forever alter your life as well. You would be wise to incorporate these colors in your carpeting, furniture, flowers and art given that they all have the energy of changing an area. If you begin to implement this into your life, you will commence to experience great things because of Feng Shui!

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